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Use of an uninterruptible power supply (hereinafter, “UPS”) had once been limited to special applications but has now become common. Nowadays, for example, UPSs are used in a wide variety of applications such as telecommunications equipment, factory equipment, store equipment, and office equipment, and they are used in many countries. Therefore, UPSs today are required to operate safely even with variations in environmental and power supply conditions.

Also, market demand for more efficient power supply equipment has been increasing in response to increasing initiatives for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Besides, customers focus on the role of a UPS of supplying continuous power efficiently, and they expect UPSs with high added value features such as long life, high efficiency, high reliability, and ease of maintenance.

SANYO DENKI’s Power Systems Division has been developing and offering UPSs up to customer satisfaction by supporting various installation and power supply environments and improving functionality and performance. This article introduces some of our UPSs in the following sections.

Demand for UPSs Supporting Various Operating Environments

As stated above and also shown in Figure 1, UPSs are now required to support a wider range of installation and power supply environments.

UPSs were previously used in limited locations where the temperature was controlled, but recently, they have been installed in environments with insufficient temperature control or poor power quality. Moving forward, UPSs must therefore operate stably in an environment with a wider range of temperatures.

Regarding the power supply conditions, there are regions and countries where grid power is unstable. Even in Japan, the voltage at the end of a power system within the same building may become unstable due to the operation of various equipment. In summary, UPSs are required to keep running on grid power in a wider voltage range.

Functionality, Performance, and Reliability Required of UPS

On the other hand, we must further reduce the environmental impact of our products to preserve the global environment and achieve carbon-neutral society. The same goes for UPSs and other power supply equipment, and customer requirements won’t be met unless we continue to deliver even higher efficiency and longer service life. Besides, a UPS system must be highly reliable, scalable, and maintainable to ensure a continuous power supply, which is the primary role of a UPS. In addition, customers have demanded less maintenance so that they can focus on providing their own service without being distracted, which can be achieved by using LIB (lithium-ion battery).

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