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Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans

SANYO DENKI’s Cooling Systems Division has been developing and offering fans chiefly for the purpose of cooling the inside of equipment. Starting with AC fans, we developed brushless DC fans responding to changing market trends, and now we also offer ACDC fans, which are brushless DC fans that can be powered by AC power by internally converting AC power to DC power.

Conventionally, our fans have mainly been used in information and communication equipment such as in servers and ICT equipment. As this equipment has become smaller in size and higher in performance, cooling fans have been required to offer better performance—high airflow, high static pressure, and low power consumption. In response to this, we have developed new products using new technology.

These products have come to be used in various fields and applications in which fans had not previously been used. Also, new demands started to emerge, requiring new kinds of fans that support recent social and environmental trends, which we have not offered previously.

This article discusses the markets in which our cooling fans and related products have conventionally been used, as well as potential new markets into which we expect to expand in the future.

Markets for high-performance fans

Conventionally, our fans have mainly been used in information and communication equipment such as in servers and ICT equipment. The popularization of technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones has led to an increase in capacity and speed of ICT equipment. As a result, this equipment has become sophisticated and smaller in size, becoming denser and generating more heat. In the early days of this market, high airflow of cooling fans had been in strong demand. However, as the heat generation of equipment increased, it has become increasingly necessary to develop “high-performance fans” featuring not only high airflow but also high static pressure to cool equipment more efficiently. Moreover, fans with less power consumption had also been demanded for preserving the global environment and lowering equipment running costs.

Markets for Splash Proof Fans

The first Splash Proof Fans were developed for cooling cellular base stations and launched in 1996. Cellular base stations are installed outdoors, and fans for cooling them require not only cooling performance (high airflow and high static pressure) but also environmental durability (water and temperature resistance) and long-term reliability. In response to these requirements, we have developed a series of Splash Proof Fans, which have contributed to the development of 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile communication networks.

Our Splash Proof Fans feature IP55, IP56, or IP68- rated water protection* as standard. As shown in Figure 3, protection from water intrusion is ensured by completely covering electrical live parts including the coil and circuit with highly water-resistant material. Moreover, components exposed to outside air including the magnet and frame employ highly water-resistant materials, and antirust treatment is done on the surface.

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