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Cooling Fan Controller

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System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

SANYO DENKI’s Cooling Systems Division has been developing and offering fans chiefly for the purpose of cooling the inside of equipment. Starting with AC fans, we developed brushless DC fans responding to changing market trends, and now we also offer ACDC fans, which are brushless DC fans that can be powered by AC power by internally converting AC power to DC power.

Cooling Fan Controller

PWM Controller

This device provides external speed control of PWM fans. By using this product, PWM fans can be fully utilized without the need for preparing new circuits, contributing to reducing the system power consumption and the fan noise.

Features And Benefits

  • Contributes to Reduced System Power Consumption and Noise
  • Three Simple Ways of Controlling Fan Speed
  • Can Be Common-Powered by the Fan Power Supply
  • Maximum of Four Fans Connectable
  • Front Views and Part Names
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Cooling Fan Controller

San Ace Controller

This controller can perform control and remote monitoring of PWM fans.
It can optimize the airflow and static pressure of fans by controlling individual fan speeds from a computer or smartphone.
Combined with option sensors, the controller can measure air temperature and pressure for automatic fan speed control.
It can monitor and control fans in remote locations via a cloud server, adding new value to customers’ equipment such as failure detection and preventive maintenance capabilities.

Features And Benefits

  • Preventive maintenance of equipment (IoT functionality)
  • Low noise and high energy efficiency (Automatic control)
  • Optimized fan settings (Manual control)
  • San Ace Controller User Registration Outline
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System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, backed by domain expertise in defence, has grown from a small business house to become one of the biggest and internationally recognized Industry, specializing in Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sector

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