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Integrated Drive Actuators

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System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Harmonic Drive® Servo Actuators are the perfect combination of highly dynamic compact servo motors, precision Harmonic Drive® Gear Component Sets and integral high load capacity, tilt resistant output bearings.

Integrated Drive Actuators


Smart, compact & highly integrated

Features And Benefits

Plug and Play via software: The new Smart System IHD from Harmonic Drive SE brings together 50 years of experience with precision gears and stateof-the-art motor and drive technology. Experience innovation with our highly integrated drive solution, all without a control cabinet.

Highly compact and highly integrated: The IHD system comprises a backlash free gearbox, a sophisticated servo motor, a dual feedback system for position measurement at the motor shaft and gear output and a powerful motion controller in a ready-to-use drive solution. Easy integration into your application is supported not only by the drive‘s central hollow shaft, which is predestined to carry a wide variety of media, but also by our specially developed, user-friendly solution for simple commissioning – Plug and Play.

Thanks to thermal optimization of its design, the IHD meets all requirements for high performance applications in the field of stationary and mobile drive technology. Advanced simulation tools for thermal evaluation of the system have been developed for this purpose. The IHD system provides an additional application processor for future smart applications such as condition monitoring and can be used as a separate platform for customer specific application programming. The system can operate with DC voltages of 24 V or 48 V.

Communication with the master controller is possible via CANopen, Ethernet and EtherCAT. The servo actuators in our IHD Series are the perfect combination of highly dynamic, compact synchronous servo motors and zero backlash gears with output bearings. Our servo actuators with hollow shaft are another outstanding choice thanks to their low weight, small volume, excellent torque density, long lifetime and high reliability.

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