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SANYO DENKI’s Cooling Systems Division has been developing and offering fans chiefly for the purpose of cooling the inside of equipment. Starting with AC fans, we developed brushless DC fans responding to changing market trends, and now we also offer ACDC fans, which are brushless DC fans that can be powered by AC power by internally converting AC power to DC power.

Use of an uninterruptible power supply (hereinafter, “UPS”) had once been limited to special applications but has now become common. Nowadays, for example, UPSs are used in a wide variety of applications such as telecommunications equipment, factory equipment, store equipment, and office equipment, and they are used in many countries. Therefore, UPSs today are required to operate safely even with variations in environmental and power supply conditions.



Energy-saving, highly reliable hybrid UPS
The SANUPS E11A series are hybrid UPSs that combine the efficiency of passive standby UPSs with the stability and reliability of double conversion online UPSs. In addition, since it always selects the optimal yet most eco-friendly power supply method, it has a significant effect on reducing running costs and CO2.

Features And Benefits

  • Automatically Selects the Most Efficient Power Supply Method
  • Automatic Battery Tests For Enhanced Reliability
  • Simplified Battery Replacement
  • Intelligent UPS Controllable from a PC
  • LAN Interface Card Creates a Wireless UPS
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Double conversion online UPS ideal for servers and network environments
Even during power outages or voltage dips, the double conversion online topology ensures that high-quality power can be supplied without interruption. In addition, the SANUPS A11K can reduce battery drain and wear thanks to its wide input voltage range.

Features And Benefits

  • High Conversion Efficiency
  • Automatic Battery Tests for High Reliability
  • Reduced Battery Drain and Wear
  • Easy Operation And Maintenance
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UPS with lithium-ion batteries for outdoor use
This UPS is ideal for outdoor use thanks to its wide -20 to 50˚C operating temperate range. Incorporating durable Li-on batteries has helped reduce the frequency of battery replacement and keep running costs low.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduced Maintenance Work
  • Excellent Environmental Durability
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Highly reliable and efficient parallel processing UPS
This UPS utilizes a parallel processing topology to securely backup power during power outages, dips, interruptions, and other electrical disturbances. In addition to resisting the adverse effects of inrush currents, this UPS can effectively eliminate harmful harmonic currents while supplying high quality and reliable electricity to ensure stable operation of factory facilities.

Features And Benefits

  • Highly Efficient Parallel Processing Topology
  • Confident System Management with Periodic Self-Tests
  • Correction for Harmonic Distortion and Power Factor
  • Scalable Capacity
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System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, backed by domain expertise in defence, has grown from a small business house to become one of the biggest and internationally recognized Industry, specializing in Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sector

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SCTSPL, #65&66P, Hi-Tech Defence and Aerospace Industrial Area, Bengaluru-562129.


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