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Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

The Harmonic Drive® Gear belongs to the group of the strain wave gears.

The Flexspline is slightly smaller in diameter than the Circular Spline resulting in it having two fewer teeth on its outer circumference. It is held in an elliptical shape by the Wave Generator and its teeth engage with the teeth of the Circular Spline across the major axis of the ellipse.

As soon as the Wave Generator starts to rotate clockwise, the zone of tooth engagement travels with the major elliptical axis. When the Wave Generator has turned through 180 degrees clockwise, the Flexspline has regressed by one tooth relative to the Circular Spline. Each turn of the Wave Generator moves the Flexspline two teeth anti-clockwise relative to the Circular Spline.

Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Actuator solutions for additive manufacturing

3D printing systems in industrial applications are highly developed, high precision machines. In particular, powder based metal manufacturing processes require precise movement of the individual axes with high positioning accuracy. In contrast to conventional machine tools, the focus is not on dynamics, but on precision. Harmonic Drive AG offers rotary and linear drive systems which provide ideal solutions.

Zero backlash and high precision gears can be combined with precise bearings to create compact rotary axes.

For linear movements, such as the Z axis of powder bed based systems, the gears and servo actuators are combined with ball screw spindles. This enables the creation of linear axes with maximum positioning accuracy in small increments.

3 innovative versions: for direct motor mounting, with hollow shaft or with stainless steel input shaft

The CPU Series is available in three versions: the CPU-M Unit for direct mounting of any servo motor, the CPU-H Unit with hollow shaft to feed through supply lines for further drive systems and the CPU-S Unit with stainless steel input shaft enabling flexible integration into your design.

The combination of a CPU-H Unit® with a ball screw spindle creates high precision linear axes. The integrated high capacity output bearing supports high axial loads without an additional external bearing.

If required, the units are available as specific configurations tailored to your application, or with particularly high corrosion protection. The high capacity output bearing with maximum tilting rigidity and precision allows that the units can quickly and easily absorb high payloads and feature long service life. The units are fully sealed and thus ideally suited for use in harsh ambient conditions. The units accurate positioning guarantees stable machine characteristics with short cycle times guaranteed.

Maximum power density and lifetime precision

A large hollow shaft, low weight, small volume and a combination of outstanding
torque density, service life and reliability were the key requirements for the development of the new CanisDrive® series.

Central hollow shaft and output bearing with high tilting capacity

In addition to all these features, the large central hollow shaft is the highlight of this design. This basic feature simplifies the design of numerous applications considerably, offering a time-saving and cost-effective solution. The servo actuators comprise a synchronous servo motor and a zero backlash gear unit. They are available in eight sizes and five gear ratios between 50:1 and 160:1 at a maximum torque of between 23 and 1840 Nm. The output bearing with high tilting capacity enables the direct attachment of heavy payloads without the need for further support, ensuring a simple and space-saving design. With its high protection ratings and excellent corrosion resistance, the series is ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Numerous possible combinations

For adaptation to your concrete application, the CanisDrive® series offers numerous possible combinations when it comes to selecting the motor winding, motor feedback system, brake and various sensor, cable and connector options. The flexible configuration ensures compatibility with almost all servo controllers on the market. YukonDrive® servo controllers, which are specially tailored to the needs of Harmonic Drive® servo actuators, provide a preconfigured drive system from a single source – which is, of course, in a specific customised version for your application.

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