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Human robot collaboration

The KUKA lightweight robot LBR iiwa (intelligent industrial work assistant) can work safely together with humans.

It is sensitive, precise, flexible and, due to its mechanics and drive technology, an intelligent helper in industry and medical robotics.

With its programmable sensitivity, the LBR iiwa resembles the human arm. It has seven axes and is equipped with integrated joint torque sensors and an effective collision detection. The lightweight robot is prepared for the automation of sensitive joining processes and complex assembly tasks.

Thanks to its slim design and low weight, the LBR iiwa can also be integrated in confined installation situations. It can be mounted on a mobile platform as an autonomously navigating transport solution and can handle payloads from 7 kg to 14 kg.

The LBR iiwa can act as the operator’s “third hand” and relieve him of heavy or non ergonomic work – in the automotive industry, for example, when placing components or joining fitted elements such as pistons in cylinders or tasks in restricted spaces

Universal and lightweight system

The Danish company Universal Robots A/S develops and produces cobots that are optimally suited for a variety of applications due to their design and nature. Above all, the lightweight robots are characterised by their low weight
as well as their flexible and intuitive setup and operability.

The UR3e to UR16e Series can be easily integrated into the production lines and can be used flexibly within processes, depending on the task.

Harmonic Drive® Gears with integrated output bearing are used in all six axes of the robots, which are optimised in terms of weight, inertia and installation space. The intelligent software simplifies the retooling and commissioning of
the robot by the user.

Harmonic Drive® Products are used in robot axes, which are focusing on a compact robot design and therefore enable the high overall dynamics of the system. In addition to a reduction of the installation space, this optimisation leads to a significant weight reduction, which amounts to more than 30 %, depending on the size. At the same time the use of a high performance and tilt resistant cross roller bearing optimizes the drive concept.

Master of speed

Compact, precise, agile and fast are the attributes discribing the robots of the KR AGILUS Series from KUKA AG. For handling tasks, especially “Pick & Place”, the KR AGILUS provides convincing results with short cycle times. At
the same time, this series of small industrial robots works very precisely and enables highest production quality and reliability.

The energy supply system of the KR AGILUS is integrated in the robot structure to save space. Thanks to its optimal ratio of size, manoeuvrability and range, it is ideally suited for narrow installation space and can carry out tasks in flour, ceiling and wall mounted positions. In addition, the KR AGILUS has Safe Operation functionality, which simplifies and improves the cooperation between humans and robots.

Our precision gears ensure reliable power transmission in all six axes of the small robot. The CSG-2UH Series represent an optimum in terms of torque capacity and service life

Infinite possibilities of interaction

MAiRA, Multi sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant, is the first commercially available cognitive robot. It was developed and built by the company Neura Robotics. Thanks to advanced AI and integrated sensors, MAiRA can dynamically adapt to changing working environments and autonomously perform tasks, setting it apart from conventional cobots. The robust and rigid design combines the performance (speed, accuracy) of a high end machine with simple drag-and-drop programming, lead through programming, voice and gesture control, opening up endless possibilities for interaction: for beginners as well as experts.

Harmonic Drive® Gears are an excellent solution for cognitive robots. The SHD-2SH Gears with output bearings are extremely short, lightweight and feature a large hollow shaft. These gears consist of a gear component set with a shortened Flexspline and a high capacity integrated output bearing that can absorb high tilting moments and bearing forces without additional bearing.

Automated warehouse logistics

Picking robots are driverless warehouse machines that are used in logistics. The target of picking automation is to simplify the handling of incoming goods and to gain better control over the inventory.

In contrast to conventional warehouse storage systems, in which products are stored according to a specific order, modern automation solutions are based on a random storage principle. Here, the packages are stored according to height classes.

Perception controlled and networked, order picking robots have integrated camera and laser systems with which they are able to identify products from shelves, grab them precisely and move them on.

Backlash free gears from Harmonic Drive SE are used in the swivel axes of the grippers. The CPU-M Series Gears enable simple and time saving assembly of the motor. The integrated output bearing allows direct support of the bearing loads, which enables a simple design of the system.

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