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Defence and Aerospace

Particularly in the defence industry, security conditions alter constantly. The security situation is subject to constant change as the complexity of new forms of threat has increased. The highest demands on precision, performance and state of the art equipment are therefore placed on products and system solutions for defence technology.

Request our expertise in developing and consulting to deliver you world class products, which ensures the success in new operational areas with the highest possible protection of individuals.We invite you to develop technologically superior and innovative solutions in a close partnership with us. Especially where highest accuracy and reliability is of paramount importance, Harmonic Drive® Products stand for pioneer technology.

Remote Weapon Station

A Remote Weapon Station (RWS) is a remotely operated station mounted on vehicles. The PROTECTOR® weapon station is designed for small and medium caliber weapons and can be installed on any type of platform. It is fully stabilised, combat proven and is qualified for global operations. The system is operated from inside the vehicle, providing full protection for the operator. The PROTECTOR® weapon station is currently in use in 17 countries.

Harmonic Drive AG supplies gears and actuators for use in azimuth & elevation axes of the weapon station and in the pan & tilt axes of the camera. Important factors for the selection of Harmonic Drive® Gears are high accuracy, low weight, hollow shaft for implementing a slip ring and high power density. Due to challenging demands, close dialogue with our customer was necessary when specifying the special lubricants and materials used in this application.

Ground Surveillance Systems

A range of flexible ground surveillance systems are centred on our high accuracy, zero backlash AlopexDrive® Series Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators.

Applications range from security and surveillance through high performance systems for stabilised target tracking and acquisition systems for Army and Navy. These high performance stabilised systems rely on high stiffness and low losses in the system making Harmonic Drive® AlopexDrive® Series the best solution.


System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Today’s modern aircraft make it possible to reach almost any region of the world under almost any condition. Going even higher into space or planetary exploration precludes any chance of repair or maintenance. The highest levels of technology reliability and precision are therefore prerequisites for assignments in aviation and space.

Harmonic Drive® Products reach the highest levels of reliability and safety, and are thus ideally suited for this industry. In addition, we ensure special diligence in the development process by our highly qualified engineers – this is also confirmed by our certifications in the field of aerospace.

Benefit from our experience and our many years of process know-how! Design with us the aviation and space products of tomorrow – because above the clouds there is no room for compromise!

Stereo Vision Measurement Sytem (SVMS)

Harmonic Drive AG has developed fully space rated gears for the Stereo Vision Measurement System (SVMS) used for cartography and planetary exploration in the external ISS environment. In order to do this, a twin camera system is installed on a pan and tilt head in order to orient the cameras towards the objects under observation.

Because of the experience of Harmonic Drive AG in high positioning accuracy and homogeneous motion at slow speed, two Harmonic Drive® Gears are used to orient the camera in pan and tilt directions. HFUC-14 Component Sets, manufactured in stainless steel, are used for both axes. A full space documentation according to ESA standards is included.

System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, backed by domain expertise in defence, has grown from a small business house to become one of the biggest and internationally recognized Industry, specializing in Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sector

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SCTSPL, #65&66P, Hi-Tech Defence and Aerospace Industrial Area, Bengaluru-562129.


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