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For over 30 years, SYSTPL has been supporting the Medical Industry by designing and manufacturing a wide variety of motion control products: hybrid step motors, PM steppers, linear actuators, BLDC motors, Servo motors, Frameless BLDC motors, and Slotless BLDC motors. Beyond that, we are able to provide a large array of value add / sub-assembly components such as encoders, gearboxes, wire harnesses, and much more. Our products and solutions can be found in a variety of medical applications such as ventilators, laboratory automation, surgical power tools, and many more.

System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • We are ISO9001 Compliant
  • LIN motors are used in many FDA Class I, II, and III Applications
  • We offer US based support & manufacturing
  • Products can be configured and optimized for your application
  • Robust customer classification system to support product lifecycle

Working with SCTSPL means you are partnering with a company whose outreach includes a global supply chain network that is capable of supporting small prototype runs in the USA to millions of motors in volume production.

Everything starts with our facility in Bangalore, India which is conveniently located in Bangalore. Not only do we have a full Engineering staff, but there is also a local Quality team, Applications, Sales, Customer Service, and so much more. The crown jewel of it all? A California-based manufacturing facility that proudly makes motors in the USA. For added support, we have a nationwide team of Applications Engineers and Account Managers that can provide you with the benefits of localized support.

System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, backed by domain expertise in defence, has grown from a small business house to become one of the biggest and internationally recognized Industry, specializing in Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sector

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SCTSPL, #65&66P, Hi-Tech Defence and Aerospace Industrial Area, Bengaluru-562129.


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