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Defence and Aerospace and other Special Environments

Defence and Aerospace and other Special Environments

Copley Controls delivers high performance motion solutions to a wide range of industries including semiconductor, life sciences, test systems, automated assembly, and COTS military. An ISO 9001:2015 company, Copley produces products of the highest quality in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US and China. Copley drives carry a full 2-year warranty.

With over 35 years of experience in OEM partnerships, Copley’s application team combines with R&D to deliver worldclass, highly responsive support. Our global commitment is backed with sales offices and local technical resources in the US, Europe and Asia.

Why Ruggedized?

R-Series drives incorporate a range of command interfaces and communication channels for system integration flexibility. CANopen, an international standard for motion control, is proven in harsh environments. RS-232/422 interfaces enable control via ASCII or Serial binary commands. Step / direction and analog velocity / current command interfaces are ideal for integration into traditional architectures.

Installation Flexibility

Copley offers a comprehensive range of digital drives for brush, brushless and stepper motors. High power density panel-mount and PCBmount packages deliver installation flexibility. A complete set of feedback options are provided. Both AC and DC powered versions are available.

Ruggedized Drives

R-Series drives are ruggedized versions of Xenus, Accelnet, Stepnet and Plus drives. They deliver performance you can trust in the harshest environments. R-Series drives are designed to endure temperature extremes, high humidity, vibration and shock. Copley’s proven drive technology finds application in COTS military, nautical, aviation, oil refining and vehicle-based systems.

  • 150 W to 7 kW power range
  • Indexing and trajectory tracking modes
  • CANopen, RS-232 and RS-422
  • Analog and digital command interfaces
  • Encoder (Incremental, Sin/Cos, Absolute) and
  • resolver versions
  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
  • Thermal Shock: -40°C to 70°C in 1 minute
  • Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing at 60°C
  • Vibration: 5 Hz to 500 Hz, up to 3.85 grms
  • Altitude: -400 m to 5,000 – 16,000 m
  • Shock: 40 g peak acceleration


Java based CME configuration software is powerful and intuitive. Comprehensive diagnostics, auto tuning and advanced oscilloscope tools simplify system commissioning. Auto-phasing eliminates time consuming rewire-and-try for feedback connections. Advanced frequency analysis tools and multi-loop filters provide control solutions.

Network Software

Copley distributed control software for CANopen makes system commissioning fast and simple. All network management is taken care of by a few commands linked into your application program. Copley supports two development environments. Copley Motion Libraries (CML) link into a C++ application program run on Windows, Linux and QNX. Copley Motion Objects (CMO) are .Net framework objects that can be used by VB and C#

System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, backed by domain expertise in defence, has grown from a small business house to become one of the biggest and internationally recognized Industry, specializing in Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sector

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SCTSPL, #65&66P, Hi-Tech Defence and Aerospace Industrial Area, Bengaluru-562129.


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