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Data Centre controlling

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are an excellent choice for pump drives in Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) implemented in Data Centers. BLDC motors offer precise speed control and speed stability, high efficiency, high reliability, and extended lifespan compared to brushed DC or AC motors.

Lin Engineering BLDC motors are offered in a wide range of standard frame sizes or frameless configurations, enabling engineers greater design flexibility and motor integration. Motors can be optimized for a wide range of performance specifications that suit the most demanding applications.

System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, backed by domain expertise in defence, has grown from a small business house to become one of the biggest and internationally recognized Industry, specializing in Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Defence and R&D sector

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SCTSPL, #65&66P, Hi-Tech Defence and Aerospace Industrial Area, Bengaluru-562129.


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